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In our Toddlers Room our children learn through play in a variety of ways. Building and construction develop mathematical minds, arts and crafts help express their creativity and sing and sign aids their ability to communicate. Children are able to self select from a variety of toy boxes, arranged by area, and are engaged by different focus activities that change daily. We have a sensory tent to explore different sights, sounds and textures and an open plan kitchen to encourage discussion between adults and children.

Our children's interests are at the heart of all our planning and everyday is filled with fun, laughter and learning.



Our Tots enjoy a range of activities designed to aid their entry into schools. Preschool "lessons" such as number work and writing are turned in fun activities so our children are always stimulated and engaged. As with the Toddlers, the older children enjoy a range of self select products such as maths and literacy toys, art supplies and reading materials. They also have access to a touch screen computer, combined with ICT lessons for technological learning. Our children enjoy our room because:
*there are lots of toys"

"I like to play with my friends"

"All out teachers are nice and friendly"

So we hope you will enjoy it just as much as the current children.

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