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Welcome to the Tinies Room, where the ages range from 3 months up to 15 months. We offer your child the best care and the best environment. We have loving and caring staff who will greet you at the door and make your child's nursery experience the best it can be.

We care for a maximum of 9 babies a day with 3 members of staff who are bursting with ideas. Although starting from three months, we are able to offer a wide range of activities that are all age appropriate. The babies have messy play 3 times a week which involves them experiencing lots of different textures including jelly, angel delight, water, sand, spaghetti and much, much more, so please ensure you are bringing in lots of spare clothes as we do like to get messy.

We have a sensory area where the babies can sit or lay and have lots of tummy time to reach and feel different textures and resources. We also have sing and sign once a week which brings us new songs to learn and keeps us busy.

We have an outside area for the children to explore and although it is small, the babies still get a chance to crawl around and have some tummy time with lots of activities set up around them.

As well as our garden, we take the children on lots of walks where they can explore lots of different things including a trip on the cable cars and the Thames Clipper, a walk to the O2, or to the park located along the river. We also have a green area where you will find us under tents and doing lots of exploring, and also enjoying our yummy tea. We are also really lucky to be in walking distance of the Ecology Park, where the children can experience lots of different activities and fun days that they may be hosting.

I won't spoil everything we do, you will have to come and find out what else we have to offer. Hope to see you soon and welcome you to become part of the Mini's team.



Welcome to the Tiddlers, where the ages range from 16 months up to 2 years. We can offer your child the best care and environment. We are able to take 12 children a day and have staff ready and waiting, overloaded with different ideas to share with your child.

Although we take children from 16 months, we offer the best and the messiest activities. We love when the sun comes out as it gives us a chance to bring out the paddling pool and let the children experience water play with a range of toys and resources in it. Other fun activities that we like to do with children include, jelly, corn flour, angel delight, crazy foam, water, sand, planting, spaghetti, rice pudding and much more. The children do tend to get quite involved with this and very messy so please bring lots of spare clothes with you.

We like to get the children involved with making their own snack and tea as much as possible, helping them to understand what they are eating and helping them to learn new words. Although we have a small garden, we make as much use from is as possible, by allowing the children to have free flow, giving them the choice to be inside or outside. Even though we have a small space, the children get to go explore and make new adventures by going on the cable cars and the Thames clipper, walking to the O2, or having lots of picnics at the green area or experiencing the nature and wild life in the Ecology Park. All are within walking distance of the nursery and we don't have to cross any roads.

I don't want to let too much slip and spoil things for you so come and see for yourselves and join our wonderful Mini's Team. We can't wait to meet you.

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